Today I finished reading “The Daylight War” by Peter V Brett, a book I had impatiently been waiting for. What can I say? I absolutely loved it!

Don’t be scared by its 800something pages – this story is absolutely worth reading. (Don’t forget to read “The Painted Man” and “The Desert Spear” before….)

If you have already read the first two books you’ll meet the main characters again and you are absolutely glad to do so because you have missed them. Arlen – the painted man with demonic abilities, his consort, Renna, who kicks ass about as sexy as Lara Croft, Leesha Paper – who has to face more private demons in this part of the series, Jardir, the leader of the Krasian folk (who I think should have a pin-up calendar for the female readers….) and his cunning wife Inevera, who seems to enjoy holding the reigns. And of course there is Rojer, too, charming not only demons with his music but also the ladies…

ah….there is so much I’d love to tell you about the Demon Cycle Series, because I really enjoy reading it – it’s truly brilliant fantasy, absolutely epic if I may say so. I have worked within the book market long enough and I have seen authors come and go – some are popular for a while but like the fashion of the 80ties they vanish again, but I think Peter V Brett is an author that will stay in our minds and hearts and his Demon Cycle has the ability to be one of those remembered for a long long time – like we do with LOTR now.


His characters are true, fascinating and his story is addictive. The world he creates in his story is so vivid you can imagine just strolling through the Bazaar yourself or picking herbs somewhere in Deliverer’s Hollow – or even getting a bad sunburn in the Krasian desert.

There is nothing stereotyped but the characters all have their own story, their devils to face and their own motives on why they are fighting or fearing the alagai – the demons which haunt mankind at night.


You want epic fantasy? You want to feel like you’re in the middle of an adventure yourself? You always loved playing role play games and you’re brave enough to face the horros of the darkness? Then get your ass up and run to the next bookstore!


I also need to say a few thank yous now: Thanks to Myke Cole for introducing me to this series (also, folks, please read Myke’s Shadow Ops series!)! Thanks to all the booksellers out there promoting this series – you’re doing a great job there, every day again! ( Yes, I like to sneak into the stores and randomly ask around if they have something by Peter V Brett.) And of course a mega thanks to Peter – for writing this amazing stuff! It was great to finally meet you at Leipzig Book Fair this year even if it was only for a minute! Hope you had lot of fun in Germany! 🙂



Oh…last but not least, two things: I would be absolutely delighted if there was a pronunciation guide for Krasian (I sometimes think of Czech when I am reading it because there actually is a bone – house called Kutna Hora….) and please have the next book published quickly – taking a cliffhanger literally is just EVIL! 😉


Dudes, I am totally in love with the Kara Gillian series by Diana Rowland. I finally had the chance to read the latest book, Touch of the Demon, and I want more. So much more! Her main character, Kara, is a darling. Not only has she the ability to deal with the arcane and summon demons, no, she also tends to say things very directly and in a not-highly-offical- way of stating things. (Would you call a badass demonlord a douchebag? She would, and I tell you it’s a pleasure to read!) This is already the 5th book of this extraordinary series and I am ordering you to go the the next bookstore and order all of them. Diana Rowland creates an amazing urban fantasy story here and her demon-world is definitely a place I’d immediately book for my next vacation. Action, sensuality, humor and fantasy are in a perfect unison here and I just had the “wow”-effect while reading. (I only dropped the book to eat and pee…!) If you want to know more about the series you can find other reviews of the earlier books in my archives!

Oh btw…I really really wonder how the demon names and the demon language is pronounced. I tend to pronounce them in German way, even though I am reading the series in English, which makes them more otherwordly when reading….but who knows?

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Et voilá! This is the second book of Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series, Fortress Frontier.

(In case you have not yet read book one, Control Point, you can find some info on my blog!)

In this book we don’t only meet the characters from Control Point again, we also get to know Colonel Alan Bookbinder, whose life suddenly gets turned upside down.
This character shows Myke’s special gift: He can make the characters truly human in the way the act, think, speak and also change. While you read the book, Bookbinder isn’t only a ficional character who is leading this storyline but he is ‘real’. You can completely understand his motives, his thoughts. There’s not only black and white, good and evil in Myke’s books. He knows the world consists of shades of grey (not the series!) and that is what you get.


What you also get is an adventure you can fully experience like a good Dungeons and Dragons RPG: You have your party, magicians, warriors, healers etc and they have to work together in order to stay alive. It seems to be very basic but actually it’s what a good story needs. Especially when it’s playing in the world of military fantasy literature.

An army only works if people are working together. Here you can see that in a microcosmos of its own.

I won’t tell you too much of the plot here, because I want you to buy and read the books yourself and support the author!
What I can tell you is that you are gonna love the action, the magic and the movie your mind will play when you read the book. Myke offers you detailed descriptions but at the same time enough space to imagine things on your own. So: Imagine, all comic-like, an army with magic, elemental of course but also other arts, like necromancy and other dark skills, imagine creatures you can only dream of and that creep the shit out of you and imagine yourself right inside this world that seems so fantastic and yet almost around the corner!

Also, maybe you want to scan through the glossary before starting to read. It’s a big benefit being firm on the special military terms!

I think it is a must-read for every man who serves or served and who loved superhero comics as a boy. And of course the ladies are invited to read the series, too. Just know: No one is going to sparkle here. Thank god. (Well…maybe the Naga do sparkle…..)

Für meine Deutschen Leser: Ab diesem Sommer gibts Myke’s Serie auch auf Deutsch! Sie wird im Piper Verlag erscheinen!


And a big thanks to Myke! Hope to see you at Leipzig Bookfair next year! XD (I had the impression that your fave word is still ‘outstanding’. 😉 Should have counted it in the book! ;))

So..Zeit für das Update im Februar. Noch habe ich das Buch nicht ganz durch, aber “Die Zwölf” von Justin Cronin ist ein würdiger Nachfolgeband zu “Der Übergang”, auch wenn ich mich ab und zu orientieren muss, da es einfach so eine Fülle aus Charakteren und Handlungssträngen ist, die es einfach nötig macht, immer mal wieder das eine oder andere nachzuschlagen…

Dafür ist die Story wirklich geladen…ein Virus lässt die Menschen zu ‘Virals’ mutieren – einer Art Vampir, sehr widerstandsfähig, langsam alternd und verdammt aggressiv. Im ersten Buch hat man ja mehr dazu erfahren und im zweiten geht es nun darum, dass die letzten Menschen am nordamerikanischen Kontinent gegen diese Virals bestehen müssen, irgendwie in einer Welt überleben sollen, in der sie die Gejagten sind und auch noch viel daran setzten, sich wieder Freiheit zu erkämpfen. (Was wäre das natürlich ohne eine geballte Ladung Action, Intrigen und Beziehungen zwischen den Charakteren?)

Natürlich treffen wir auch Amy, das Mädchen aus dem Nirgendwo wieder….

Ich bin auf jeden Fall gespannt, was der dicke Wälzer (800+ Seiten) noch alles in sich hat – zwei Drittel habe ich schon und ich werde mich gleich auf den Rest stürzten. 


Als kleiner Ausblick für die kommenden Rezensionen: Das neue Buch von Myke Cole liegt schon hier “Fortress Frontier”, der zweite Teil seiner Shadow Ops Reihe und das nächste Buch aus der Dämonenreihe von Diana Rowland schreit auch schon nach mir. In einem Monat ist dann auch noch die Leipziger Buchmesse (Peter V Brett wird dort auch den dritten Teil seiner fantastischen Serie präsentieren!), also seid gespannt, was ich euch alles mitbringen werde!Imagel


Welcome in 2013! To start the new year I’d like to make a journey into an age that has never been but that totally fascinates me: We’re back in the Victorian-styled Steampunk age, this time in London.During the Christmas Holidays I got addicted to that (at least in Germany) rather new steampunk-crime- series “The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences” – there are two books out right now and I am impatiently waiting for the third one.

The main characters are Wellington Books and Eliza D Braun – two secret agents who couldn’t be more different but at the same time make the perfect team for the most curious cases of crime happening in London.

Victorian lifestyle, steampunk machinery and lots of action will drag you right into their adventures! (And you simply gotta love a bulletproof corset!)

I know it’s a short introduction but as it is a crime story you better find out yourself what it is all about!

Oh yeah…and don’t let me forget that eroticism within the books…*cough ‘n’ grin*

ImageAlright, Dudes. This is the the book following the brilliant Fever-Series by Karen marie Moning starring Dani Mega O’Malley. First I had my doubts about Dani as a main and leading character in a book but I clearly underestimated Ms Moning’s talent. This book is brilliant. Again the setting is Dublin – a Fae-infected Dublin and suddenly there is even more cold and ice than here in deepest Bavaria around Xmas. (And we got a hell lot of snow here…). Dani’s story is catchy and you finally get to know the other Fever-characters better who has only minor roles in the main series. Ryodan, Lor and Christian are extremly powerful sidekicks and we also get to know Dani’s Dancer. The story itself is a Fae-crime-mystery so to say and it’s just really really perfect for this season. I won’t spoil too much of it because I want you to read the book –  the entire series actually because there will be two more books starring Dani. Just be careful after reading it because I accidentally started ‘Dude-ing’ everyone!

Hallo ihr Lieben – ich weiß, es ist eine Weile her, seit ich das letzte Mal gepostet habe, aber ich habe einfach die Zeit dazu nicht gefunden! Aber immerhin Zeit zum Lesen hatte ich und nun möchte ich euch ein paar Bücher und auch ein paar andere Medien empfehlen.
Fangen wir mit dem Buch an, das sich eine Ewigkeit auf den Bestsellerlisten gehalten hat und das völlig zurecht: Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand. Ich war ja lange skeptisch, da ich normalerweise nicht gerade das lese, was die Bestsellerliste empfielt, aber dieses Buch ist so skurril lustig, das es mich vor Lachen doch wirklich von meiner Couch geworfen hat. Allan ist nicht nur steinalt, sondern hat auch in seinem Leben so viel Kurioses erlebt, dass man gar nicht zu lesen aufhören kann. Urkomisch, herlich sarkastisch und mit einem schwarzen Humor gesegnet ist dieses Buch wirklich ein Tipp für jedermann und jede Altersklasse. Über die Handlung möchte ich nicht viel verraten, denn das Buch erzählt diese weitaus charmater als ich das je könnte, aber man bekommt nicht nur eine Rundreise durch die Weltgeschichte, man hat dabei auch irrsinnig viel Spaß! Ein Tipp für alle, die noch ein Weihnachtsgeschenk suchen: Mit dem Hundertjährigen kann man nichts falsch machen!

Ein weiteres Buch, das mich sehr fasziniert hat, weil es einfach traumhaft schön geschrieben ist, ist der “Nachtzirkus” von Erin Morgenstern. Dies ist ein Buch für alle Fans, die gerne in eine Fantasiewelt eintauchen, aber auch mal froh sind, wenn keine blutrünstigen Monster auftauchen. Die Autorin entführt hier geschickt in eine Welt, die sich zwischen Traum, Realität und Magie befindet und dem Leser unglaubliche Bilder vermittelt. Ein Zirkus der Träume und ein Kino der Fantasie mit einem Hauch verwunschener Romantik. Unbedint lesenswert! Außerdem ist das Buch sehr schön aufgemacht und man kann gar nicht umhin als über das Cover zu streichen….ein wunderbares Stück für das Liebhaberregal!

Außerdem habe ich Karen Marie Monings “Fever”- Serie wieder gelesen, da ihr neues Buch “Iced” herausgekommen ist und ich aber vorab die eigentlich Serie nochmal in mein Gedächtnis zurückrufen wollte, damit ich dem Spin-Off besser folgen kann: Die Serie ist nach wie vor der Wahnsinn und hat einen absoluten Suchtfaktor – energetisch, actionreich, erotisch und doch düster. Liebe Frau Moning, danke für Ms. Lane und Jericho Barrons! 🙂