Today I finished reading “The Daylight War” by Peter V Brett, a book I had impatiently been waiting for. What can I say? I absolutely loved it!

Don’t be scared by its 800something pages – this story is absolutely worth reading. (Don’t forget to read “The Painted Man” and “The Desert Spear” before….)

If you have already read the first two books you’ll meet the main characters again and you are absolutely glad to do so because you have missed them. Arlen – the painted man with demonic abilities, his consort, Renna, who kicks ass about as sexy as Lara Croft, Leesha Paper – who has to face more private demons in this part of the series, Jardir, the leader of the Krasian folk (who I think should have a pin-up calendar for the female readers….) and his cunning wife Inevera, who seems to enjoy holding the reigns. And of course there is Rojer, too, charming not only demons with his music but also the ladies…

ah….there is so much I’d love to tell you about the Demon Cycle Series, because I really enjoy reading it – it’s truly brilliant fantasy, absolutely epic if I may say so. I have worked within the book market long enough and I have seen authors come and go – some are popular for a while but like the fashion of the 80ties they vanish again, but I think Peter V Brett is an author that will stay in our minds and hearts and his Demon Cycle has the ability to be one of those remembered for a long long time – like we do with LOTR now.


His characters are true, fascinating and his story is addictive. The world he creates in his story is so vivid you can imagine just strolling through the Bazaar yourself or picking herbs somewhere in Deliverer’s Hollow – or even getting a bad sunburn in the Krasian desert.

There is nothing stereotyped but the characters all have their own story, their devils to face and their own motives on why they are fighting or fearing the alagai – the demons which haunt mankind at night.


You want epic fantasy? You want to feel like you’re in the middle of an adventure yourself? You always loved playing role play games and you’re brave enough to face the horros of the darkness? Then get your ass up and run to the next bookstore!


I also need to say a few thank yous now: Thanks to Myke Cole for introducing me to this series (also, folks, please read Myke’s Shadow Ops series!)! Thanks to all the booksellers out there promoting this series – you’re doing a great job there, every day again! ( Yes, I like to sneak into the stores and randomly ask around if they have something by Peter V Brett.) And of course a mega thanks to Peter – for writing this amazing stuff! It was great to finally meet you at Leipzig Book Fair this year even if it was only for a minute! Hope you had lot of fun in Germany! 🙂



Oh…last but not least, two things: I would be absolutely delighted if there was a pronunciation guide for Krasian (I sometimes think of Czech when I am reading it because there actually is a bone – house called Kutna Hora….) and please have the next book published quickly – taking a cliffhanger literally is just EVIL! 😉


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